For all sessions, there are 1 - 4 day options too! Contact us at info@trifitness.net or (203)255-889 for details.

The Trifitness Youth Triathlon and Duathlon Camps are sponsored by the Town of Weston, CT Recreation Department. CLICK HERE to go to the Weston, CT page.

April 11 - 15
9 am - 2 pm
Weston Middle School Pool, Weston, CT - map

June 27 - July 1
9 am - 2 pm
Weston Middle School Pool, Weston, CT - map

July 11 - 15
9 am - 2 pm
Weston Middle School Pool, Weston, CT - map
Friday's Kid's Triathlon Begins at 10 am.

July 25 - 29
9 am - 2 pm
Weston Middle School Pool, Weston, CT - map

For all sessions, there are 1 - 4 day optioins too! contact us for details.

The Trifitness Youth Triathlons Camp is sponsored by the Town of Weston, CT Recreation Department.
Click Here to go to the Weston, CT page.

The Trifitness Triathlon and Duathlon Camp is a 5 day Monday to Friday program designed to introduce kids aged 7 to 14 to the sport of triathlon & duathlon. Top triathletes and coaches will provide instruction on basic swimming, cycling and running techniques, bicycle safety and maintenance, transition and nutrition. Duathlon training and racing will be included. Lots of games will be offered too!

The kid's bike may be left at the school overnight with a lock.

The camp will culminate with a mini-triathlon and mini-duathlon.
7-8 & 9-10 age groups: Swim 100 yards, Bike 3 mi., Run 0.5 mi. Duathlon: swim is replaced by a 0.25 mi run
11-12 & 13-14 age group: Swim 200 yards, Bike 6 mi., Run 1 mi. Duathlon: swim is replaced by a 0.5 mi run

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
Participants must be able to swim one lap of a pool (50 yards), run one lap of a track (1/4 mile) and bike two miles. Each participant must have his/her own bicycle and helmet.

Check In Information

On the first day, each camper will receive a water bottle, swim cap and a camp T-shirt. We also require parents to check their children in and out with our staff each day for their accountability.

What to Bring to Camp Each Day
Your bicycle (Mountain or Upright Bike) and bike helmet, comfortable running/athletic shoes, swimsuit, towel, swim goggles, water bottle, lunch, sunscreen (very important) and a hat. Please wear comfortable workout type clothing (shorts, t-shirt, sweats.) Do not wear jeans, boots or constrictive clothing. Sandals or thongs should only be worn (if needed) in the pool area. They will not be allowed on the bicycle or to run in. A change of clothing is a good idea, but not necessary. Please bring a healthy lunch each day. Watermelon, as a snack, will be provided. Please DON'T bring: ipods, radios, toys, games etc. Jewelry is easily lost or can be broken when doing any sport, especially triathlon. Our advice is, don’t wear any jewelry to camp. Watches are okay. We are excited to share our love for the sport of triathlon with you and spend the week having fun together.

Get your rest each night and get ready for a memorable experience!
Location: Weston Middle School, Weston CT MAP
Suzy SaidSwim Seventy Triathlon
The Trifitness Kid's Triathlon Camp is in the news. Check out the link below and read all about our awesome triathletes!!!
Link to News Article in the Norwalk Patch

A very belated thank you for the BEST. CAMP. WEEK. EVER. Erin, Jane and Mack all enjoyed their first triathlon experience but, especially, the week of training and camaraderie. Each day they came home exhausted in that good way...the way only hard physical exertion can bring about. They were each so proud to cross your finish line. Jane refused to let her race number fade. By July 9th I had figured out where my thick Sharpie had disappeared to! By the end of summer there should be a reverse tattoo on her left arm. Of our 3, Jane is the most hesitant to open herself to competition. Thank you so much for boosting her confidence, tweaking her skills, and creating a friendly atmosphere so that she felt safe racing. Erin learned how training across disciplines can help her in her main sport (basketball) and has also dedicated herself to running cross-country as a freshman this fall. As for Mack - who the heck loves the transition zone?!?! Even knowing his need for order and timeliness, we never predicted that he would embrace the trani to the extent that he did. He told us he felt best about his riding but that his swimming improved and once he had his feet on the ground, he didn't mind the dead-leg sensation. In fact, he couldn't understand why his sisters complained about it. Clearly, a triathlete in the making! If not 3!
Meg C.

Thanks so much for a really great camp and experience for the kids. You are a real star as a coach and motivator. I am amazed at the length of the race these kids did! Unlike the usual 10 minute "kids fun" triathlons, you trained these young athletes to go out and work hard for 25 or 35 minutes of real effort!
Chris, Westport
Father of North and Willow

After only the first class I could swear I saw improvement in my daughter. I have heard lots of positive feedback from the other parents as well.
Amber, mother Staples Elementary School Easton

We want to thank you so much for a wonderful week. Jonah and Anna Lee enjoyed the camp so much. The fact that they enjoy exercising is a great achievment. You made them feel great about themselves and motivated them to do thier best. We will look forward to next year's camp and we thank you again for an time. It was definitely thier favorite camp this summer!
Thank you!!!!
Ericka, Barry, Jonah & Anna Lee

Just want to let you know that our two kiddos (Ryan and Meghan) have absolutely LOVED their time with you & the other trainers so far. They are so excited and proud of what they learned and experienced. It's so cool to see their self-confidence grow and hear the amazement in their voices over their accomplishments.
Stacy M

Thanks, Pascale, this has been such an awesome experience for my son Nicholas Peloso. Thank you for such a well run camp.

Jonah and Anna are having a great time. They love this camp and look forward to it every year!

Thanks for your wonderful camp. It is really great to hear the car full of girls that I drive talking positively all about it on the way home...with a mandatory stop at Robeks!!
Bob and Karla M

Thank u so much for teaching both my kids to ride their bikes. Matthew wanted to go on his bike as soon as we got home - we even rode around our street. They both were so proud to show their dad when he got home. Thank you.
Mary Kay

Pascale, thank you for such a positive experience. Nicholas loves your camps.
Again, thank you for the outstanding spring break experience.
Amy V.

Swim Seventy 8 Willard Road, Norwalk CT 06851 203-202-8081 info@Trifitness.net  
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